Hire a Tampa City, Florida Contractor

A Beautiful Fast Growing City

Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida are expected to have a projected household growth of 7.94 percent from 2005 to 2010. This means there will be a high demand for general contractors now and in the next five years.

This booming demand has fuled Florida's best contractors to expand or move toward the greater Jacksonville area.

One of Florida's Largest Real Estate Markets

While Tampa Florida has escaped most of the hurricane devastation of the past few years, the high population growth it has makes it an excellent place to start a business or expand your existing contracting business. The Tampa Bay area is the second largest metropolitan area in Florida second only to the Miami - for Lauderdale - West Palm Beach area.

Hillsborough County Information

It is important to note that the actual city of Tampa very small area. Much of what is called "the city of Tampa" is outside the city limits. Therefore, it is important to be sure your licenses cover the city or county where you are going to work. Tampa is located in the county of Hillsborough.

The Greater Tampa Bay Area

The city of New Tampa was started In 1988 when the city annexed a 4 mile area between the Interstates I-275 and I-75. This district continues to grow and construction is proceeding very quickly on new housing developments which makes this area another good place to be a general contractor.