Affordable Degree Programs for General Contracting Students

How Long Do I Have to Go to School to Be a General Contractor?

While there are some associate degree programs available, most degree programs are at the bachelor's level and may require up to 5 years of college. Also, on the job training or an apprenticeship is expected before one can really expect to get a job as a general contractor. Because general contractors need a variety of skills, classes in both business and engineering classes are necessary.

What Kind College Courses Are Necessary For A General Contractor?

General contractors need skills and expertise in many different areas. Therefore, they need a variety of classes from different curriculums. Business skills are needed in order to understand how to plan and execute projects as well as how to understand how to work project owners and subcontractors. Engineering skills are needed in order to understand the actual plans of the project as well as be able to speak to the subcontractors doing the work so the job actually gets done correctly.

Finance, Business Management & Engineering Skills are Required

Accounting skills are used to keep projects within budgets and insure that everyone gets paid on time. Management skills in both human-resources and project planning are used to keep all the subcontractor teams working together and provide the proper equipment, tools and resources such as bricks and concrete available at the proper time. Courses in mathematics and engineering also provide needed skills in the field such as . Engineering classes that are needed are surveying, electrical engineering courses, and drafting. A second language such as Spanish is often very helpful.

Where Do I Find The Best Schools For General Contracting?

It is important to look for college programs that are accredited by the American Council for Construction Education. The ACCE has strict standards for accrediting post secondary schools in the fields of construction, construction science, construction management, and construction technology.