Which General Contractor Schools Are the Best?

Accredited Schools

The best general contractor schools are those that are credited by the American Council for Construction Education (A.C.C.E.). The purpose of the A.C.C.E. is

"to be a leading global advocate of quality construction education; and to promote, support, and accredit quality construction education programs."

They are the accrediting agency for for your baccalaureate degree programs in construction, construction science, construction management, and construction technology.

What is the American Council For Construction Education?

The American Council For Construction Education has strict accreditation procedures and employ a standardizing reporting method to it enforce all of its education standards. The ACCE demands that faculty who teach the material must have a proper credentials. They also insist that students have a diverse exposure to many curriculum areas due to the fact that general contractors must have expertise in many areas.

Related Fields of Study

In addition, courses in mathematics and science are required and must be separate from computer science classes. The computer science class is that are taught must teach students to use software programs that are beneficial to understand in the general contracting field.

How Long Will I Go To School To Be A General Contractor?

Most degrees for general contractors are four to five year degrees. While there are some two year degrees available, most employers require a higher level degree as well as a few years' experience in the field.

Are There Any Local Florida Schools?

Schools in the state of Florida which are currently accredited by The American Council For Construction Education include:

  • Florida International University;
  • University of Florida; and,
  • University of North Florida.